Different Types of Mezzanine Gates


Due to the need for additional space for storage, operations, and offices, you may decide to expand your work area to the mezzanine. This saves you on costs, time and manpower that could have been incurred in the event operations are moved to another larger area or location. It is important that your staff and any other person using the mezzanine to be safe by having fall protection mechanisms installed. This is achieved by installing mezzanine gates at several points on the mezzanine. Here are different types of designs of mezzanine dock safety gates.

The most basic and widely-used gate design, in this case, is the single swing mezzanine gate. The way they are constructed is not very complex. They are manufactured to swing from one pivot in a single direction, and the closing mechanism is usually a padlock hasp. This gate comes in a variety of different designs and models, namely 2-rail model, 3-rail model and wire mesh configured model. The kind of model or design of single swing gate depends on the type of handrail that is there.

Another kind of mezzanine gate is the double swing mezzanine gates. These are not very much different from single swing gates because the double swing gates are simply two single swing gates put together. They operate from two separate hinges where the two gates swing together in the same direction. The ideal type of closing mechanism for this model is a padlock hasp. This mezzanine safety gate comes in different models to match with your handrails, and they include the 2-rail, the 3-rail, and the wire mesh.

Some areas of the mezzanine might have space restrictions when it comes to making the decisions on the type of gate to put up. In such areas with minimal maneuvering space, swing gates will not be appropriate and so sliding mezzanine gates are recommended. These gates slide open and close to either limit or allow access to specific areas of the floor. The models that come with this kind of gate are the 2- rail, 3-rail and wire mesh specifications. The types of closures in sliding gates are padlock hasp or a receiver bracket.

There are some instances where you will need to load or unload materials and objects onto or from the loading dock gates on the mezzanine floor. Lift out gates are the best choice in such circumstances. They can be side mounted with optional deck mounting. Most lift out gates are placed side by side to make room for a larger opening. The benefit of this gate is that it allows maximum open access to the mezzanine. It comes with integral kick plates to keep objects from falling off the mezzanine. The points will help in knowing more about mezzanine gates.